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Each one of Yale’s Little History books is illustrated by a different contemporary artist-illustrator, whose specially commissioned work is designed to enliven and enhance the text. Initially inspired by the style and appearance of books from the 1930s – when E. H. Gombrich was writing his Little History of the World for Younger Readers – these images are often a humorous nod towards what is to come in the chapter that follows.

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Tom Duxbury

Tom Duxbury grew up in rural Yorkshire, close to the same ‘wild and windy moors’ familiar from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, which meant that his family home was always filled with stories – especially ghostly ones. As well as taking inspiration from gothic literature, Tom is also interested in traditional fairytales, mythical legends, biblical fables and folklore.

After studying Illustration at the University of Brighton Tom identified a love for colour, print and pattern. Although often inspired by dark themes, most of his work enjoys a bright and simplistic visual vocabulary, mixing traditional and modern techniques of image making.

In his spare time, Tom loves exploring places with his camera, sailing in Scotland with his dad and collecting old 1920s and ’30s black and white films’.

Appears in this Little History:
Tom Duxbury is the illustrator of A Little History of Science by William F. Bynum.


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