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A Little History of the World has charmed readers around the world for eighty years. Ernst Gombrich’s light enticing tone introduces an authoritative narrative. The authors of the Little History books that follow in its wake write for a twenty first century generation. They share a passion for their subject, a belief in its relevance and a desire to make it accessible to the broadest possible audience. Renowned international experts, each author brings their own particular tastes and views to bear so that each History is not a mere account but rather a personal and fresh overview, written to engage and surprise.

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Nigel Warburton

Nigel Warburton was with the Open University from 1994 to 2013. He was previously a lecturer at Nottingham University. He is best known for his introductory philosophy books: Philosophy: The BasicsThinking from A to Z, Philosophy: The ClassicsPhilosophy: Basic ReadingsFreedom: An Introduction with ReadingsThe Art Question and A Little History of Philosophy. His main research area is the aesthetics of photography, which was the subject of his PhD thesis (Cambridge, 1989) and of a number of articles. He has edited one book about Bill Brandt and contributed to several others on this photographer. He has also published in the area of applied ethics. He is currently writing a major philosophy textbook.

Nigel Warburton

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A Little History of Philosophy

We all grow up incessantly asking our parents, teachers and peers ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’. Some people never stop. In the illuminating and very readable A Little History of Philosophy, Nigel Warburton tells us about 40 of the most special questioners a …

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