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Each one of Yale’s Little History books is illustrated by a different contemporary artist-illustrator, whose specially commissioned work is designed to enliven and enhance the text. Initially inspired by the style and appearance of books from the 1930s – when E. H. Gombrich was writing his Little History of the World for Younger Readers – these images are often a humorous nod towards what is to come in the chapter that follows.

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Nick Morley

Nick Morley (aka Linocutboy) is an artist and illustrator based in Margate. He is a big proponent of linocut as a democratic artform which can yield beautiful and diverse results.
As an illustrator Nick has worked with many of the top UK publishing houses as well as The Times, The Independent on Sunday and ICON magazine.
Nick’s linocuts of (often strange) animals are inspired by Natural History prints. They are widely sought after and have gone to homes all over the world.
Nick is a director and founding member of Resort Studios in Margate, where he runs Hello Print Studio, offering facilities for printmaking. He teaches regular linocut workshops in Margate as well as making appearances throughout the UK and in Italy.
Nick’s book ‘Linocut for Artists and Illustrators’ was published in 2016 and he is now working on his first children’s book.

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