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Each one of Yale’s Little History books is illustrated by a different contemporary artist-illustrator, whose specially commissioned work is designed to enliven and enhance the text. Initially inspired by the style and appearance of books from the 1930s – when E. H. Gombrich was writing his Little History of the World for Younger Readers – these images are often a humorous nod towards what is to come in the chapter that follows.

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Hazel Partridge

Hazel Partridge

Hazel Partridge is a graduate illustrator from Falmouth University currently dividing her time between Cornwall and The Cotswolds. Her illustrative work often explores themes of nature, pattern and tradition using a wide range of media, notably paper-cutting, lino printing and varied drawing methods.

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A Little History of Economics

Our Little History of Economics is a lively, inviting account of the history of economics, told through events from ancient to modern times and the ideas of great thinkers in the field. What causes poverty? Are economic crises inevitable under capitali …

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